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005890 (005890)

RRRRrrrr. I'm so upset call daily asking for Katie Perry. Asked them numerous times to stop, but no luck.
commented by
on 08.21.2015


005890 (Unknown - 0058 is Venezeula)

Just had this number call - but I never pick up the phone. Worst thing you can do, as it confirms to the other end yours is a proper phone number which will now be sold on to every piece of scum in the known universe. This explains the silent treatment from any real person (low-lifeform) at the other end. Let the phone ring until the other end gets fed up and ends the call, then dial 1471 and note down the number. Google it to see what scum has tried to get you to allow them to waste your time and stress you out to boot. In my own case a good 95% and more calls are in this category. One day I’m going to live in a world where all such useless lowlifes are sent to a remote planet in outer space and quarantined there.
commented by
Dave Strickland
on 09.16.2015

Unknown - 0058 is Venezeula


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