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003055 (LogmeinRescue)

Im in UK. Received a call from this number 003055 , gent with asian accent told me he was based in California, he claimed that he was calling from btinternet (no such company exists)
the reason for the call was that they were receiving error messages from my email account which is nonsense...
he tried to intimidate hacking to my bt email account if i did not take his help and i told him he would be traced as a bogus call.
no such number should appear on my phone either
This gent had information of my contract details to a IT support company which i took up previously to prevent hackers ..
When i took up the contract, they told me that i would never receive such type of calls...the worry part is that he had inside information of my follow up calls to IT support company
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on 05.31.2014



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