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918067873000 (fraud)

Caller claimed to be from Amazon India. Just spoke to Amazon, they say they will never give you a call from outside the US. Fraud!
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on 05.03.2014

cost trap

918067873000 (rahul)

I had been emailing one day, since they closed my account because of unauthorized AWS activity. They re-activated the account and let me reset the password, etc, but I had questions about the bill for around 50 large VM's all over EC2 that I didn't create. I received a couple of calls, and a voicemail from this Indian number in reply to some of my email questions. Pretty weird, and I cannot call that number back, but I appreciated the call. I just wish it wasn't from an Indian number and didn't seem so shady! As far as I can tell, it was a valid call.
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on 09.04.2014



918067873000 (unknown)

This is fake. If this were truly Amazon confirming a purchase, you could simply log into your Amazon account and verify any existing open orders. I got called from this number, I hung up on them. After reading here, I logged into my Amazon account and there have been no purchases or attempted purchases for months. These are the scammers themselves telling you they are not scammers. Nice, right?
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on 11.06.2014



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