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19914 (male from 19914)

4 or 5 times today, Weds9Sep2015, they've called. Possibly an Indian accent, on one of the middle calls there was actually an answer. They explained they had detected a problem on my PC, they were from Microsoft or connected with Microsoft, they said.
I told them they were crooks, hung up, but several more calls today from this number.
Think about it--how would they know your PC had a problem? Only by snooping around in you PC. This would make them criminals, no?
They want to charge you big money for fixing a non-existent problem. Give them no information.
commented by
on 09.10.2015

male from 19914

19914 (Third world country)

Omg!! Total scam. I placed them on my block list so when they call it automatically goes to voicemail. Man with heavy accent tried to tell me my computer had a virus...umm sure it does!!!! Told him not interested and I hung up. Did some online research and I Gould they are just trying to get into your PC and then get all of your personal info!! Don't accept the call just ignore it unless you want to be scammed!!
commented by
Rockies gal
on 12.04.2015

Third world country


19914 (19914 n19914)

Also got one. Ignore.
commented by
on 02.15.2016

19914 n19914

19914 (19914)

Absolutely horrible! I got called twice today already by the same guy, he SCREAMS into my ear asking why I'm not interested, very aggressive and argumentative, borderline abusive with his behaviour
commented by
on 04.13.2016



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