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0876877 (0876877)

I was contacted today by a female with a far eastern accent who claimed to be able to assist me with my outstanding balances on my credit cards which according to her information I am unable to meet.
Since I do not hold any credit cards I found this to be a "fishing call" and she would not tell me where she obtained her information or to which alleged cards the balance pertained.
After my queries were not answered she hung up
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on 05.22.2014


0876877 (UK Debt Recovery)

UK Debt Helpline. (Apparently !)

Indian lady informed me her friend had given her my details from the citizen advice bureau. I asked for her friends name, but couldn't give one.

Told me they work with OFT and the Bank of England Guidelines. (Yeah Right)

Basically wanted to give me debt advice (which i dont have !)

Just repeated that i wanted there telephone number and UK Registered address. Kept repeating this for about 10 minutes before they gave up and hung up

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on 05.26.2014

UK Debt Recovery


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