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0786786 (0786786)

This number (from an outside UK call center) called saying I had a problem with my computer. When I asked questions as to how they acquired my phone number and how it was my computer had reported the error to them, they could not answer.
I asked them to verify the error report and tell me which computer had sent them the apparent error. They wanted to bypass this. I again asked for them to validate themselves. I asked if they had the media access control address (MAC address) of the device or computer which sent the error to them. I asked if they had the IP address.
I asked if they were one of my customers and wanted to make a booking?
Then they hung up - instantly.
commented by
on 02.12.2015



We receive calls from this number 9 to 10 times daily. no one ever answers
commented by
on 03.09.2015



0786786 (Purported to be a telecom company)

Received a call from this number this morning regarding my telecom account. I advised them that I was with TPS and ended the call without further comment. Find this easier than arguing the toss and wasting my time. If caller display shows the number I just don't bother answering it anymore.
commented by
Deb S-J
on 03.12.2015

Purported to be a telecom company

0786786 (0786786)

Keep getting calls from them they take no notice about TPS
commented by
on 03.17.2015


0786786 (0786786)

Don't even waste your time talking to this type of caller. I have the answering machine on all the time with this message that I recorded:

" Hello, you're through to xxxxxx. If you are a sales caller just go away now. If you are a genuine caller known to us please speak your name and we will answer if we are around."

Most of them just hang up. Quite a few friends and family have adopted this message on their own phone and say that they wish they had done it sooner.
commented by
on 03.19.2015



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