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056237224 (Job agency)

some one called me today( Saturday) at 9:00 AM, and i was sleeping, he/she did not leave any voicemail, then i called back,girl who i don't remember her name picked up my phone and she asked me whether i search job,suddenly i said: "yes i search a job" but who are you? she said iam from agency job. I said: "how do you work on Saturday"?
she said i will call you back ...
does someone know this number?
are they scammers?
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on 01.24.2015

Job agency

056237224 (Ago interim Kortrijk)

Iv got the same thing, but not on a saturday!
I found it weird that this number ( 056237224 ) called me late ...20h00, i know that most agency's close at 18h00!
She said she was working for Ago interim Kortrijk!
I went on google and searched for the real phone number wich was not ( 056237224 )!

SO i dont know man be careful this might be a scam somehow! ;-)
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Job agency Ago interim?
on 03.19.2015

Ago interim Kortrijk


056237224 (she said she was from a job agency)

same here, +31 5 6237224 called me yesterday evening. I first didn't want to pick up because i didn't know the number, but she tried one minute later again allready so i tought it was important and picked up the phone.
It was a woman asking me if i still was searching for a job. Now i must say, the first tow weeks of february i was looking for a job and went to several job agencies, including AGO, but that was in Belgium soi think it's strange that a lady calls me at 7pm in the evening from the Netherlands to ask if i am still searching for a job.
I allready found a job but I said yes because i am always interested in finding a better/closer to home/... job so she said she was gonna put that in her database and was gonna call me back later for that.
I searched the internet for that number but all i could find was other people having the same experience :-)
Maybe it's real, i don't know, but i can't find a number of Ago in The Netherlands that looks like this number
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on 03.20.2015

she said she was from a job agency

056237224 (056237224)

Today 18 mart 2015 i receive a call from this number at 13:30. He speak with me in Nederlands very quickly,so i tell him: pls can u speak with me slowly to can understand,because i don`t speak very well Nederlands...and the resultat was....Aloo Aloo and close the fon in my nose. VERY NICE ATTITUDE from the company or whatever was.
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on 03.28.2015


056237224 (a breath)

I had a phone call this moment. I said my name and heard breathing only!
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on 04.10.2015

a breath


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