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0245436 (annoyance)

This number calls me constantly saying that I have a problem on my computer and that I need to install window defender. They claim to be part of Windows as consultants and ask me if I am on my computer and proceeds to tell me too perform certain functions on my computer that they say. The person speaks very poor english. I tell them they are ridiculous and hang up after I get tired of laughing at them.
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on 03.16.2015


0245436 (Unknown)

I got a call from that number today. Your right, their English is poor. They told me, as they told you, that it was something wrong with my windows computer. Funny thing is I work in technology and would never use a windows machine. But I played along and let him tell me what "to do" to free my computer of viruses. He directed me to press some keys, none volated system integrity and security, and I got off the call out of sheer bordem and inability to understand what they were saying. My intentions were to follow their instructions and bust them with the local bureau. Eeh, guess my attention span wasn't long enough to accomplish the goal.
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on 04.10.2015



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