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02032393993 (Carl Downsend)

is this a Scam because i have had people ask me for PAYPOINT VOUCHERS before & i losted all the Money that i had with the Vouchers ok. he said the i won a Claim of £4,800 pound & i need to give the Vouchers of £240 to prover that i'm how i am..? that's 2 x £100 paypoint vouchers & 4 x £10 paypoint vouchers..... I don't get what they are trying to do..? this is my Number 07743336748
commented by
steven lane
on 09.22.2015

Carl Downsend


Yes, we got a similar call £3600 for an accident half an hour ago and they wanted £185 up front from us because "in the past people who were in debt failed to pay their commission"

Trust me, they would pull the money from the cards and not turn up with the cheque. Why would anyone give the money to a 3rd party to give to me? It would be sent direct ...

commented by
Mr Birmingham
on 09.22.2015



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