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00999969 (00999969.)

A friend of mine received twice a phone call from this phone number while he was working at his PC.
The man said that he was a Windows representative and the English language spoken by him had a Indian accent.
Is it possible that my friend’s computer became infected with a virus or any other kind of malware?
We should be grateful if you send us details of who are this people and the origin of this annoying phone call.
commented by
Pilot 737
on 02.18.2015


00999969 (Scammer sounded Indian)

Just received a phone call from 00999969 I googled it and it's the microsoft scam so took my time and listened to what they had to say and kept asking them to repeat things and said my computer was very slow was it because of the virus she mentioned and she said yes as the line was bad they asked if my computer was on I said no but i can switch it on but it is very slow to boot up and takes 10 minutes so she said she would hold the line went quiet so i put phone down she rang back i said i switched computer off so would have to switch it on again and it would take 10 minutes after about 8 minutes waiting I put my stereo on full blast and put my phone next to it Funny she disappeared I wonder why?????? I love wasting their time.
commented by
on 03.19.2015

Scammer sounded Indian



This number called my elderly mother's landline and stated that they were working for Windows
And our computer would send out weird signals to them. There is no computer connected with that landline, my mother doesn't know anything about computers. I nurse her and those strange
Callers disturbed me in nursing my mother 5 times with calling (00999969).
Guy spoke English.
commented by
on 04.25.2017



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