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009922 (unknown)

Another scam claiming that I had Windows software errors. I kept him occupied for 12 minutes, and when I pressed him to identify his company, he claimed it was PC Guardian, but couldn't tell me the name of the city where their HQ was located. He eventually got fed up with my resistant attitude and ended the call.
commented by
George Simms
on 03.13.2015


009922 (009922 and others)

I'm from the Netherlands. That number calls many times, twice a week, I see it on my number detector but I don't pick up anymore. Probably similar to the guys who have been calling me for 2 years now (their long number always starts with 001 or 004). In the beginning once a week, now once a month. They say they are from Microsoft Office and want to fix a problem on my pc. They sound like Indians, from India. They are pretty annoying for calling that much. The first time I immediately cursed one because you just know they scam and he apologised and hung up. My husband is an IT manager, he likes to talk to them for a long time, asking questions which they can't answer. Eventually they hang up. My advice, just don't pick up anymore
commented by
on 03.25.2015

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