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00442081442966 (Cedric Watson)

Please pay attention under this number a certain Cederic Watson with the faked identification as "Windows Office Supporter" called me on August 25th, telling me that I have got a virus on my PC. Goal to get access to my PC. Very aggressive behaviour.
commented by
a friend
on 08.27.2014

Cedric Watson

00442081442966 (00442081442966)

I confirm, I received a call from the same telephone number, this time the guy called himself Sandy Williams, from Windows London Support Center. He tried to access my computer and pushed me to pay between 209 and 309 pounds to renew my Windows licence and clean my computer from all infected files. When you call back this number, it is a woman with kids around who is answering and is putting you through to "the support service"
commented by
on 10.16.2014



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