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Receive calls from '004055' - just this number, nothing else. On answering they just hang up.

Even thought ex-directory and on TPS.

Obviously they were checking my number and I checked out!
Normally I check but was expecting a call at that time.

Have blocked them now - but I expect a follow-up call any day now!
Why do they bother - I NEVER engage these type of callers and request they remove me in the unfortunate circumstance that I answer.

Ofcom - or whoever they are - do sweet fanny adams to protect us from these calls! - They don't have the staff - but software could deal with it.
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on 09.29.2014


004055 (004055)

I am receiving calls from this number and there is no answer but I could hear breathing on the other end before the phone was put down. Frankly everyone I speak to is bothered by nuisance callers, whether they are ex directory or not.

If its not criminals on the web trying to scam you, or someone knocking on the door without invite then its constantly picking up the phone to hear about PPi or solar panels etc etc. Is this progress?
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on 11.07.2014




I got a call from them saying they were accident advice service - I asked for their address so I could write to them to tell them to stop calling em but they put the phone down.
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on 11.15.2014


004055 (accident advice service)

I've just received a call from this number. Caller said he was calling about my accident and he had to verify the details. I replied that I was ex-directory and registered with TPS, so his call was illegal. He said it wasn't a sales call, it was about my accident and he just had to complete verification (I've never had any accidents). I told him if he wanted to verify me he must know my name. He said he can only verify by type of accident so I hung up. The guy said he was calling from Manchester, but I doubt it.
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on 02.16.2015

accident advice service


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