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00315 (dont know)

this number was left on my missed call list. It looks like a country code rather than a full phone number.

commented by
on 11.04.2014

dont know

00315 (I don't know)

I kant understand
commented by
Anurag singh
on 04.16.2016

I don't know


00315 (Christine De souza)

Received a call from 00315 984588645 and caller informed me that they had been receiving error messages from my computer. I cut the call off as I received a similar call last week only I didn't take note of where that call came from. On the call last week I was informed that they were from the Microsoft technical dept and that they had been receiving error messages from my computer and they were calling me to help me resolve the issue. All I needed to do was to go onto my laptop/desktop etc and go to a particular website. Well, you don't need to be Einstein to work out where this was leading to, so I simply dropped the call. Hope this helps....
commented by
John Donnelly
on 08.04.2016

Christine De souza

00315 (00316030503000 / 00316082750000)

I have had exactly the same as Christine. Called several times each time a slightly different number! Said they were Microsoft, so I asked where "California ". I then asked how come they were calling from a Netherlands number. End of story!
All you can usefully do is tie them up for a minute or so -> one nasty call less!

The type of call is pfishing which needs inclusion in the list below, they are trying to get into your computer!
commented by
on 03.16.2017

00316030503000 / 00316082750000


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