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00206599 (00206599)

Just had a call from an Asian sounding man 1.02pm purporting to be from Talktalk number 00206599 he knew my name and knew that I was a Talktalk customer, claiming that an IP address coming from my house is firing out loads of malicious traffic. And he reckons it was a PC. He instructed me to use the event viewer to show the number of errors and said my machine will stop working in a couple of days if I do not fix it. He wanted me to download and install remote viewing software so they would be able to fix the problem for me. The funny thing was 2 weeks ago I had to ring talktalk due to line faults on the internet which they fixed, so initially I believed this was a genuine caller. I told him I would not let anyone remotely control my computer to which he said goodbye.
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on 02.24.2015



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