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0012173989544 (said he was Jason Parker from Microsoft!!!)

This number called me today saying they were from microsoft. I asked info and the guy said his name was jason parker and he was a senior technician at microsoft ; said he was calling from california usa. he said my PC was infected with a virus and he could help.... kept repeating if you need help we (microsoft) can help you ... i asked his name and phone numer (did not give me the one shown on my screen) my ip number (couldn't tell me but had my phone and adress (white pages!!!)... then he threatened me to block my computer... I called the police... found out this number is from "pirates" and my pc works perfectly well...ignore them and don't do anything they ask you on your PC, don't give them any information either!
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on 07.02.2014

said he was Jason Parker from Microsoft!!!

0012173989544 (Jason)

Caller said he worked for Microsoft Technical Support. Computer has a virus and bla bla. Thought it was fun. Asked him which computer, ip address, computer name, what version of windows because I have 5 pc's etc. Could not answer. Then I read him the official statement from Microsoft but he continued claim he was calling from Microsoft in California - Told him that Microsoft is in Washington state. Asked him if he didn't take the highway 580 to work this morning (It is actually the 520 because I actually used to work for Microsoft in Redmond) and he DID ;-) Lots of traffic (right).

Told him he was a criminal and everything he had said was a pile of bull. We entered into a long philosophical discussion about how I could say that - it was hilarious!!

Bottom line he spend 15 minutes talking to me until he realized that he will NEVER get access to any of my PC's. If you get a call hang up and don't waste your time - these guys are NOT from Microsoft but criminals!!
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on 02.05.2015



0012173989544 (noname)

excellent. Call also to me (in France) today, but no message. Thx for yours explanations, which allow to escape problems.
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on 03.11.2015



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