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000182 (Sounded like an English speaking Indian)

A person who sounded like an English speaking Indian, refering to malicious software installed on our PC. He said he could help me and show me how to remove it. I did not trust it and asked him not to call us anymore.
commented by
Kjell De Troye
on 12.15.2015

Sounded like an English speaking Indian

000182 (000182 )

A girl who sounded indian,saying i had errors on my pc. The funny thing is you dont need to be American or Canadian, since i am Portuguese,be carefull with these people, they contact you anywere in the world, she was speaking english (barely). I knew it was a scam and instantly lied, said i did not own a computer. They haven't called me since
commented by
on 01.25.2016



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